****闪存积攒装置除了比速度外,仍可以够再玩怎么花样呢?在外型求变化可能是一种艺术,Pretec在此番Computex就显得了二种外观的随身碟,疑似科科们都理解的寿司外型、水豆腐人外型与镶施华洛世奇水晶的随身碟,Pretec都有展出,然则还会有一对新的变动,像是领带夹外型与皮包挂勾外型,对潮男与正妹都一定实用,最酷的就是名为"BiBi" 的随身碟,不但能够有哨子功用,还能够发出夜光,实用与防身兼具。看图册就可以大意理解Annti所说的意味了----Flash drive manufacturers are always competing against each other on making faster drives. But besides that, what else do they do? Pretec exhibits tons of USB sticks in different shapes and forms. You can have it look like sushi, tofu man, or even decorated in Swarovski sparkles. Also, some come with really cool extra functions, such as a necktie holder and a hook for your purse. Men and women will sure love this. The coolest USB drive we saw has to be the "BiBi," because it has a whistle and it glows in the dark.Check out the pictures and you'll know what we mean.

****在这里次的Computex 二〇一〇,南港一楼这边可说是 "满天都是SSD,四处都以随身碟" ,不过,InnoDisk的摊位上的SSD却吸引Annti的门到户说,这颗SSD型号为 "SATADOM" ,尺寸比2.5寸甚至1.8寸都还要来得小,并且使用SLC颗粒,不用外接电源,而且还或然有一定的卡榫防止松脱的可能,而以此付加物也可以有获取此番"Best Choice of Computex 二零零六" 的奖项。据商家所说,近来SATADOM是SLC颗粒,首要给合营社端所用,未来还会分娩较为平价的MLC版。厂家网站:请点自身SATADOM的口径与外观请见图册喔,SG嘛,嘿嘿,请猛击这里。----The exhibition center is flooded with SSDs and USB drives this year. However, InnoDisk has brought us some very unique stuff. This particular SSD is called the "SATADOM," and it is much smaller than the standard 2.5" or even 1.8" hard drives. It doesn't require external power supply and it has notches to prevent the case from coming loose. Most importantly, the SATADOM has won the "Best Choice of Computex 二〇〇九" award. LIVINAing to InnoDisk, the current version of SATADOM uses SLC chips to serve business users. In the near future, there will be less expensive models with MLC chips.

在过去以临盆光盘片为主的大厂RiDATA铼德科技(science and technologyState of Qatar,在此两天提升相当多受尽美评的内部存款和储蓄器付加物;疑似与部落格当红的玉荷兰葱合营的快闪存款和储蓄卡,或是兼具简报使用镭射笔成效的商务碟;还大概有近些日子颇受美评,跳脱现在安插概念的Yego战胜随身碟。它具备四个USB的扩张槽,让使用者在开展数据存取时,还能兼当HUB使用。对小编来说,笔者认为它更疑似个『狗骨头』随身碟还更来的契合呢!

InnoDisk的超小颗SSD,Pretec之放开那个女孩。Gallery: Pretec's Product in Computex 2009 | 10 Photos

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Gallery: Innodisk's Product in Computex 2009 | 6 Photos

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RiDATA (or RiTEK, both name are used) was (and still is) known primarily for its optical media products. But the company has since stepped into the realm of flash drives, and now boasts a sizable variety of offering. One especially worthy of note is the Y shaped Yego Flash drive, with the forks serving as hubs.


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